Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Blog

The best thing I heard all day, and what may turn out to tear the final thread to unleash the "blogger" in me today came from Maggie -- "Mr. Snyder, you're like, here every day. You never miss class." 

It was what I've been waiting to hear. It's true, I haven't missed a single period this year.  But here's the problem: it's only November...we're just barely a third of the way through the year. And, save for the day I'm taking off Friday because it saved me over $100 on airfare to do so and the day before vacation has historically been about as productive as my friends Lynch and Boska were at their college job when the head custodian asked them to go clean the room with the Student Bar in it, I'm not saying they kids would start calling me Cal, but I'd be defying odds by making it cold through to Thanksgiving break.

I'm not bashing teacher's for missing days...This job is hella hard, and we're squeezed thinner than en empty tube of toothpaste, but that struck me as just one more reminder of how badly urban schools are failing; both students and employees. 
What to do about it, is, well, beyond my scope, but if I have any readers out there who'd like to discuss, or even just announce themselves, please, the 'mic' is yours.

 Oh, and on another note, the non-linear Mr. Snyder, the guy who is unpredictable and constantly changing was unveiled in today's lesson: